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Trees at Knowsley Safari

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 18 Sep 2017
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Our trees need some TLC!

Here on the safari we have an amazing variety of trees! Each different type of tree can provide something different for the animals that live here. Flowers can provide food for bees, butterflies and other bugs. While the fallen leaves is a great home for beetles, worms and other insects, making a great snack for hedgehogs and other mammals. So you see, trees are so important to the entire ecosystem! 

lion tree.jpg

Managing our Woodland

Sometimes, we need to step in and help this natural lifecycle along. We take great care to identify trees that are diseased or at risk of falling, to make sure we're looking after the trees and all the animals that live around them. We do this with regular checks throughout the year, but sometimes extra work is needed, especially after big storms and strong winds. 

When strong winds are forecast, our parks and gardens team assess branches and trees for any signs of damage and disease. When these are identified the branch or tree is cut down and then if possible left on the ground to rot and become a new home for wildlife. This task is not easy and takes time. In order to carry out all these checks some areas of the safai need to be closed for the safety of our guests, staff and animals which is of paramount importance.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Sometimes when we are experiencing strong winds and storms, areas of the safari park will be closed as a precaution until the weather subsides and trees are inspected. Our lion territory, being such a beautiful habitat for our pride, is an area filled with trees and somewhere we do need to close to inspect from time to time. We understand this can cause delays and frustration but we won't open areas to guests until we can be sure that it is safe for both the lions and visitors beyond reasonable doubt.


We're incredibly lucky to have such a varied landscape. The woodlands surrounding the safari park are truly stunning and provide some essential habitats for wildlife in our region. No matter what time of year, they never fail to provide a beautiful backdrop to our park.

baboon tree.jpg


David Pennington

Article by: David Pennington

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