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Knowsley Safari Blog

7 Surprising Things To Do Without the Car at Knowsley Safari

Do you want to visit Knowsley Safari but wish you could stretch your legs once you’re here?

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9 Reasons Autumn is The Wildest Time at Knowsley Safari

Ask people what their favourite season is and you may be surprised when they say autumn.

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On the Prowl - Were Wolves Once Your Neighbours?

Wolves are often painted as an elusive, secretive predator but if you were born 800 years ago

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Big and Bad or Protective Parent? The Truth About Wolves

The wolves we’re familiar with in fairy tales, stories and films are usually scary, aggressive,

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Sweeping for bugs!

It’s BIAZA’s Big Bug Bonanza week, so to kick things off we’ve been monitoring bugs!

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Did you know about The Wild Camel Protection Foundation?

Our Camel Weekend is coming up this July. Over the 22nd and 23rd of July, we’ll be running

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News to share with your class: Baby Boom and New Arrivals!

It has been a very exciting few months here at Knowsley Safari and we have selected a few

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Meet our camel caravan!

It’s official, the public have named our baby camel. The votes are in and the lovely name Gary

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Safari for just £15 per car this June

It’s back for June! Our midweek motor madness offer lets you come on safari with up to 7 little

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