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Our Favourite Visitor Snaps from 2017!

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 01 Jan 2018
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2017, Best photos of the year, Knowsley Safari

Looking back, 2017 was full of adorable animal babies, the launch of our app and – let’s not forget – a lot of wolf poop! From sleepy lions to mud baths, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite visitor images to kick off the new year.

 One of our favourite snaps from 2017 was shot by Mel Tomlinson, and doesn’t it just sum up how we all feel in January?


It wasn’t just our animals who made some new friends last year (although Oliver the giraffe did get some new best buds) – Joanne Clement sent a photo of her little monkey meeting one of the troop!


Ah summer, how we miss you – although the wet weather doesn’t put a dampener on a rhinos’ spirits! More rain leads to more mud, and Chantelle Daniels knows that’s what rhinos love most.


Pete Johnson tagged us in a ROARingly good shot last February. Either she’s showing off her singing voice or her glorious pearly whites!


We thought it’d be fun to end our photo album with one of our, and the animals’, favourite pastimes – eating! Connie Smith knew what she was doing when she took a snap of our stripes tucking into their dinner.


Don’t forget to keep sending in your safari snaps during 2018; we love seeing what weird and wonderful things you capture! 

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David Pennington

Article by: David Pennington

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