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News to share with your class: Baby Boom and New Arrivals!

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 05 Jul 2017
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It has been a very exciting few months here at Knowsley Safari and we have selected a few highlights for you to share with your class in this blog. The Learning & Discovery team hope you’re all enjoying the last few weeks of the school year, we’re sure you’re ready for the summer break!

We have an exciting development happening as part of our Foot Safari transformation, more details will follow for schools subcribed to our education newsletter.

 Find out more about our Foot Safari Transformation

Wolf headv2

Spring had most definitely sprung this year at Knowsley Safari with the birth of our beautiful Bactrian camel, Gary. He had a dramatic start to life, falling in a lake at only a few weeks old. Luckily, Gary, one of our keepers, jumped in and saved him hence the wonderfully apt name choice


As the season progressed, amongst others, we enjoyed Fallow deer and Pere David’s deer babies popping up here, there and everywhere! These animals hide their young for the first few weeks so it can be difficult to spot the newest arrivals. Now they are a few weeks old, the youngsters gather together in a sort of crèche.


It was very exciting to welcome two new baby Wildebeestand a Forest Buffalo calf on our African plains section. It’s fascinating to see how quickly wildebeest calves are up and running, mixing with other animals. The African plains section is also home to a herd of antelope called Eland. Eland are the largest antelope, we have eight new calves this year!


On the Foot Safari there has been a baby female Meerkat born. She was kept underground by her mother for the first four weeks, finally emerging out of her burrow, carried in her mother Hermione’s mouth. Not so soon after, four Bush Dog pups emerged from their burrow, who from the looks of things, have been giving their parents, Simon and Lola a run for their money!


Last but certainly not least, two of the worlds’ tallest animals, male giraffecalled Orbit and Alexander, who are both three years old. They came to join our sixteen year old male giraffe Rigsby in May and have settled in well.


hello Alex and Orbit

If you would like to book in with us and see our new arrivals and bouncing babies then please call a member of the education team on 0151 430 9009 or email education@knowsley.com. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Winter is coming! … Well, autumn anyway.

We know, we know, summer has barely begun but the Learning & Discovery team are already planning autumn and winter so we’re ready for schools visiting in the new academic year.

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Last winter was our busiest ever and we’re already taking bookings for back to school and winter. We can, once again, offer Enhanced Discovery Days! These are a firm favourite with both the Learning & Discovery team and schools alike; as we have the opportunity to spend nearly a whole day with the same school group!

 Walking Tour School  Visit For Email

For those that don’t know what is included – an Enhanced Discovery Day is two and a half hours of engaging, exciting, fun and interactive education; including a 45 minute classroom session, an hour guided tour of the safari drive and a 45 minute walking tour where children also have the chance to either see an animal feed or a meet and greet with our birds of prey!


These days are always popular so if booking for September or October then please contact a member of the education team to book in with us. If we don’t see you before, have a great summer break and we’ll look forward to seeing you on safari in the new school year!

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