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Meet our camel caravan!

Posted by: Jenny Middleton
Posted on: 20 Jun 2017
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It’s official, the public have named our baby camel. The votes are in and the lovely name Gary won! We hope you’ll give little Gary a big wave on your way past on the safari drive.


To celebrate Gary the baby camel and World Camel day on 22nd June 2017 we thought we’d give you a little insight into the family of camels Gary has become a part of. Being one of the most charismatic animals we have here on safari, it wasn’t hard for keepers to describe their distinct and very individual personalities. Even Gary is quickly establishing his own little quirks and traits. Read on to meet the whole caravan:


It seems only right to start off by telling you about Baby. Contradicting her name, Baby is actually our eldest camel and the acting mother of the herd. She’s also the slowest of the group, so look out for her plodding along behind. Don’t worry though, she is well respected and gets on with everyone, camel or keeper!

camel profile baby.jpg


Next we have Drogo. Until little Gary came along he was the only male in our group and still is our most laid back camel. Like all of our camels he’s happiest eating, but you’ll never find him in the middle of an argument. He likes to stay impartial and be the calm and gentle giant of our caravan.

camel profile drogo.jpg


Lilith is reliably known as our grumpiest camel. There’s always one in any social group, it could even be you! But we still love her, despite her stroppy ways. She doesn’t like to be bothered, by the keepers or the younger camels and she’ll certainly let you know when she’s annoyed! She’s a bit of a mummy’s girl and spends much of her time with mum Baby and Drogo.

camel profile LILITH.jpg


It’s a close one, but Gertie could be our favourite camel here at Knowsley Safari. When she’s in full coat during the winter she’s a beautiful camel (all the camels look a bit strange when they’re bald for the summer) and she’s always been friendly.

camel profile gertie.jpg


Willow came to us in January 2017. She’s a young female with plenty of character. Straight away she established herself as a bit of an explorer, leaving the herd to have some alone time and staying curious. She quickly formed a bond with Gertie as her motherly figure, but with the arrival of Patricia, the keepers have seen a great friendship between these two young females, both as curious and inquisitive as each other.

camel profile willow.jpg


Patricia is the newest arrival to the caravan. She’s still getting used to the keepers and the rest of the herd but she’s fitting in well. Her bond with Willow is great for the keepers to see and you’ll often see Patricia and Willow wandering off together to explore the safari drive. When she’s not with Willow, Patricia loves to play the motherly role, looking out for baby Gary.

camel profile pat.jpg


And of course, last but not least, we have Gary our youngest member of the caravan. Born right here on our safari drive Gary melted all of our hearts right from the beginning. He started out as a wobbly ball of fur, and he even gave us all a fright by wandering into one of our ponds, only to be rescued by keeper Gary, his namesake. But Gary the camel is growing quickly and learning to explore his new environment and the other animals around him. He’s thriving!

camel profile gary.jpg


If you’ve loved learning about our camel family, then come along and meet the whole caravan on our Camel Weekend! On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2017 we’ll be celebrating camels across the safari drive and our foot safari with games, activities, VIP tours and a special show from our friend Gobi the camel puppet. Find out all about this exciting weekend here and come experience camels like you never have before!

Jenny Middleton

Article by: Jenny Middleton

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