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Life Lessons We Can Learn from Animals this February Half Term

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 08 Feb 2018
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Us humans, we’re quite impressive – but that doesn’t mean we don’t fancy having some of the animal kingdom’s abilities. Flying like an eagle, push over a fully grown tree like an elephant, pouncing like the lions – how amazing would that be?

While we may not be able to outdo the animals, there are some incredible life lessons we can learn from these already-amazing species!

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Lesson #1 - The bald eagle on how to be a romantic

For lessons in love, we heart the bald eagle. These birds of prey mate for life and, after wooing their special someone with some very impressive flight displays and calls, they pair up and fly back to where they were born to start their family and the rest of their life – It’s a real fairytale story.


Lesson #2 - Elephants on how to use your head

Elephants are incredibly intelligent and super-talented at problem solving! They’re able to use whatever they have lying around to tackle their issues, like using a palm leaf to get rid of flies – clever huh?

They also have a great memory. The famous saying an elephant never forgets couldn’t be more accurate – they can remember friends and even enemies for over half a century!


Lesson # 3 - Meerkats on true friendship

As well as being extremely loveable, meerkats are known to be great friends! They’re always happy to help out when it comes to babysitting each other’s young or grooming one another, even if they aren’t related.

On top of all of this, they take it in turns to cover the night shift, looking out for predators so they can warn the rest of their mob!


Lesson #4 - Lions on how to show affection

Although they tend to have a reputation for being big and scary, lions are actually very affectionate! They love to cuddle up to each other and rub heads to show how much they care for one another. Licking and snuggling are just a few other ways in which lions show their affection. Big and scary? Pfft – more like cute and loveable!


Lesson #5 - Wolves on loyalty

Wolves’ top priority is to protect their pack, even if that means risking their life – true friendship right there! These mammals are all about teamwork, and they love to help out whenever they can. For instance, while a female wolf stays with her litter of newborns, the rest of the pack go out to find food for her and the cubs – it really is a team effort!


Lesson #6 - Ants on always working hard

They may be small – in fact, they’re tiny - but they sure are mighty! Did you know ants can lift 20 times their body weight? It’s very impressive! But the best trait in an ant is its hard work. Every ant within a nest has a role and, together, they find food and look after the rest of the colony.

There’s a lot to learn from some of our favourite species, have you picked up any life lessons from our animal role models?

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David Pennington

Article by: David Pennington

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