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Knowsley Safari’s 2017 Best Bits

Posted by: Jenny Middleton
Posted on: 20 Dec 2017
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Animals, 2017

2017 was a busy year here on the safari. There’s plenty to look back on with a smile, and plenty more to look forward to for 2018!

So here are a few of our highlights of 2017!


Hello Eliza

We said hello to the first of many new arrivals for 2017. Eliza the giraffe took pride of place on our roundabout, ready to welcome visitors. Don’t worry though, she’s made out of metal!


Rigsby finds some friends

It wasn’t long before we welcomed real giraffes onto the foot safari though! Brothers, Orbit and Alex joined Rigsby to form our very own tower of giraffe. The three instantly hit it off and Rigsby has spent the year getting to know his new adopted brothers.


You named our camel Gary!

Visitors were treated to the amazing sight of a brand new, baby camel, born on the safari drive this summer. The little guy had an eventful start to life, finding himself stuck in the mud, waiting to be rescued by our very own animal keeper, Gary. So it seemed only right that our newest member of the camel herd should be named Gary too!


New Wolf Country

Take a trip down to the woods in 2018 and you’ll see our new Wolf Country. 2017 saw a new home for our wolves and more chances for our visitors to catch a glimpse of them! As you step onto the wild trail, become a safari ranger, searching for clues that wolves are in the area!

 app with tiger-1.jpg

New phone app

We launched the Knowsley Safari App! This means that you can now head onto the safari drive with your very own tour guide! Helping you identify each animal you see with some extra fun facts along the way! Download it onto your phone now.


Bush dog babies

They’re one of the most elusive carnivores around, and near threatened in the wild. Which is why Knowsley Safari were very proud to announce the birth of 4 new bush dog puppies this summer. This small family is now thriving as a pack and set to grow even more in the future!


Tiger work begins

We’re already getting ready for a fantastic 2018, with work well underway on our brand new tiger trail, right here on the foot safari! Pop back soon for exciting news on the developments!


Two Lion prides

As 2017 came to an end we had one last exciting thing in store. After extensive research, hard work and even some nail biting, we split our lion pride into two separate prides. We now have our drive through lion territory and a second pride further down the safari drive! Find out all about this exciting process here.


It’s been a fantastic 2017 here on safari. So who’s excited for 2018!!

Jenny Middleton

Article by: Jenny Middleton

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