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Kids Go Half Price this February Half Term

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 30 Jan 2018
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Half Term

Kids Price: £13.50 £6.75 this half term - Your Adventure Starts Here!

10th - 25th February 2018

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It’s the first school break of 2018! Are you eager to get out of the house or do you still need a little encouraging to brave the cold? We’ve come up with the perfect February Half Term itinerary (plan?) I think plan for every type of adventurer, whether you’re itching to pull on your welly boots and raincoats and get outside or you just can’t wait to experience those creature comforts (with the car heaters on of course!).

Which plan suits your family best this half term: 🚙Creature Comforts🚙 or ☔️Welly Boots and Raincoats?☔️

Safari Drive

🚙Creature Comforts🚙

If you haven’t been to Knowsley Safari before then the first thing you should know is we have a 5 mile safari drive. That means a 5 mile adventure from the comfort of your own car! Find our top tips for a winter safari visit here.

So sit back, set the temperature, get the safari map out, download our app and embark onto the safari drive. Don’t worry about your car either. We have a car-friendly monkey viewing route so you can watch all the action from a safe distance. With hundreds of animals to spot, downloading the app gives you your own personal tour guide around the safari drive meaning you don’t have to make things up when the kids ask “whats that?”. Download the app for free here.

⭐️ Top tip, you can go around the drive as many times as you like until closing time! Plus each section is a loop if you feel you’ve missed something.

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☔️Welly Boots and Raincoats☔️

We all know you can drive around the safari in your own car but did you know we have our very own Baboon Bus! Our minibus tours offer a different view of the whole safari drive that mean you can enjoy the experience as a family. Plus, as an added bonus, you can enter the monkey jungle without worrying about your car. Don’t worry though, if you decide to take your own car then we have a car-friendly monkey viewing route for you to enjoy watching all the action from a safe distance. There are some tips on getting the best from your safari drive during winter here.

Lunch anyone?

🚙Creature Comforts🚙

We have a heated indoor restaurant that serves freshly prepared meals, snacks and cakes. If you like ground coffee then try our blend of xxxxx how you like it. You can grab a coffee and a hot lunch from the restaurant. Maybe you’re more a hot chocolate person during winter? Well treat yourself to one with all the sprinkles and a choice of flavours from the coffee house.

☔️Welly Boots and Raincoats☔️

Get the real safari experience and take your lunch in our safari tent or you can grab snacks and hot drinks at our coffee house or the kiosks out and about in the foot safari. If you’re braving a winter picnic then we have picnic benches throughout the Foot Safari and at our latest area Wolf Country (more on that later).

food banner.jpg

Adventures on foot

🚙Creature Comforts🚙

You’ll be pleased to hear each of our indoor houses are just a short walk from the restaurant. You can even take your coffee with you! You can’t take food and drink into the bats You can see the giraffe from the viewing platform or if the weather takes a turn, you can walk right through the giraffe house.

Throughout the day you can catch a sea lion display and discover what makes these one of nature’s greatest predators, as well as one of our cheekiest residents. Their skills mean they can not only catch the prey they eat but avoid great white sharks and other top predators. Our indoor display will show you just how these amazing animals are!

⭐️ Top tip, get a sea lion selfie at the underwater viewing window at the outdoor pool.


☔️Welly Boots and Raincoats☔️

Spot giraffe, meerkats, tapir and the world’s smallest pack hunting dog the bush dog from South America, all right here on our foot safari. Download the app to discover which species are close by.

If you have young adventurers with you then they can enjoy the rides between the sea lion and bird of prey displays. The ginormous sand pit, slide and climbing frame will have your little ones acting like monkeys in no time.

The birds of prey display just around the corner is not to be missed. These birds have evolved some unique adaptations that make them fantastic at what they do. Make sure you duck as they fly right overhead and get some fantastic pictures to wow your friends!

giraffe banner.jpg

Wolf Country!

🚙Creature Comforts🚙

Wolf country is our latest area and can be found next to the birds of prey. Stay hidden as you peer through the peep holes to spot the wolves Maria and Morena. Along the way, you can discover just how this amazing creature became our very own household pooch, before gazing on their habitat from the wolf view point. You can either turn back at this point or enter the woods to complete the wolf trail, try to find clues that wolves live in the area!

⭐️ Top tip, snap a wolf patrol 4x4 family picture.


☔️Welly Boots and Raincoats☔️

Head to Wolf Country next to the birds of prey but don’t stop at the undercover view point. Head into the woods and complete the wolf trail. A walk through beautiful woodland with clues that wolves are in the area. Can you find their tracks? Their den? Poo and more? Don’t fear the mud, you’re suited and booted remember!

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