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Animals that Love Spending Christmas Together at Knowsley Safari

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 12 Dec 2017
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tigers, Wolves, camels, European bison, Pere David's Deer

Christmas… a time for bringing together family and friends and appreciating what we have.

It’s not just people who enjoy this time of year, though – at Knowsley Safari we’ve noticed that some animals also get together over the festive season!

Our safari is lucky to have many beautiful species and, while some love to hibernate during the winter (which we can understand!), there are plenty of little (and not so little) families that are adapted for this time of year.

So join us on safari and meet our winter wonders!



 Commonly believed by most to dwell in warm jungles, Amur Tigers actually make their homes in colder climates. As a result, they’re just as active when it gets chilly.

Amur tigers are also known as Siberian tigers, are adapted for the wintry weather. Visiting Knowsley in the winter is a great opportunity to try and spot them going about their business as the leaves thin out and – hopefully – the snow falls!


Iberian wolf sisters, Maria and Morena have a new home in our foot safari – Wolf Country. Although Iberian these wolves remain active in the winter – you could be in with a chance of seeing them in their winter coat!



You may think camels are a desert animal and therefore more at home in hot, arid climates, and you’d be correct. However, camels are truly amazing animals that have adapted to one of the toughest places to live on Earth. While the daytime can have intense heat, the night temperatures can fall to well below freezing. Winter is a tough time for wild Bactrian camels but their coats are regrown every year so they are always in top condition.

Père David’s Deer


Père David’s Deer are extinct in the wild, their former home is China. While breeding programmes have started to repopulate semi-wild areas they’re not yet out of the metaphorical woods yet. The area of the safari drive the Père David’s Deer live on is perfect for them. They are adapted for wet, boggy areas and the temperature is similar to their native home. A large, impressive deer species, perfectly at home in a British winter, they provide one of the best species to photograph all year round but especially during winter!

European Bison


Another species once considered extinct and saved through careful breeding programmes is the European bison. The largest living land mammal in Europe, at over a tonne they’re hard to miss. Proceed with caution, and drive on if they approach but the European bison are definitely not to be forgotten on your safari drive. Get your camera ready to snap these big beasts!

Alongside the European bison you’ll also find the second largest land mammal in Europe too - the European moose Froja! She is huge and a favourite for our guests to spot.

All of these incredible species share something important with us – they’re social animals. They love spending time together and making the most of each other’s company.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is as wild as theirs!

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David Pennington

Article by: David Pennington

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