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A teacher's checklist for planning a perfect school trip

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 09 Oct 2017
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15 ways Knowsley Safari tick all the right boxes for your school trip!

Where to go on a school trip is a regular question teachers find themselves searching for. So, to give a helping hand, we've pulled together everything a class needs when planning a day out to check it’s the perfect place. We have, of course, added what we do here at Knowsley Safari for each point too 😉.

1. Fun for Pupils

Your pupils will have fun at Knowsley Safari! We’re the largest safari park in the UK and the third largest in Europe. Our 5 mile safari drive is home to the world’s most iconic and charismatic species from rhino, lions, zebra, herds of grazing antelope, European bison and not forgetting a troop of baboons. The fun doesn’t end there, our Foot Safari gives your pupils a chance to get out on foot and explore. The Foot Safari has giraffe, meerkats, red river hogs, bush dogs and Wolf Country! Wolf Country is a new area where your pupils can try to spot Iberian wolves on the edge of a wood before heading off on the trail to discover clues that wolves are living in the area.

Fun on safari.png

2. Help with Planning Your Adventure

At Knowsley Safari we have the Learning & Discovery team who are dedicated to education. From the first phone call, to the day of your visit and even when you’re back in class, the Learning & Discovery team are here to help you plan and make your time a day to remember.

We have a member of staff available to talk to you Monday to Friday, ready to take your calls or answer your emails. Call 0151 430 9009 option 2, or email learning@knowsley.com

3. Friendly staff

We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful staff. We’re about attitude not aptitude. We want our guests to have the best day out ever and we encourage this through the training of our staff. This is vital for our Learning & Discovery team who teach thousands of students every year. The Learning & Discovery team are really engaging, your students will learn loads while having lots of fun.

School IMG4.png

4. Outdoor Activities

We understand the workload around delivering the national curriculum and combining this with experiences that aid learning, it's a tall order. There is a lot that can be said for getting out of the classroom so that’s why we combine getting out of the classroom with workshops that link to the national curriculum. A perfect addition to your teaching mix.

5. For School Staff

We work closely with schools, getting to know the staff really well! This helps with planning, answering questions and making each visit even better. In fact, we love teachers so much, we even have experienced teachers on our team!  😁👉👩‍🏫.

6. Links to the National Curriculum

All of our activities and workshops are designed to link with the national curriculum. There is a wide range of topics so get in touch and let the team know what you’ve got coming up and how we can help.

7. Weather

There is no avoiding it, weather has an impact on your plans but it’s a little different at Knowsley Safari. It’s worth pointing out, while on safari you’ll be under the cover of your coach, so protection from the scorching sun or pouring rain, which, to be honest, can happen in a single day! After the safari drive you and the chidren can have a workshop in our Discovery Centre and there are also indoor areas such as the sea lion display, birds of prey display in poor weather and we have large safari tents for you to picnic in!

School IMG3.png

8. Facilities

Free parking for your coach next to the discovery centre, toilets in key areas, under cover area for your picnic or, if you’d prefer to eat in, the restaurant can cater for your class.

9. Children are well looked after

Safety is paramount to you and to us. A safari park offers a unique day out in terms of managing the safety of pupils. The safari drive is completed as a group on your coach so teachers can relax and enjoy the day. When on the foot safari, we have a simple, easy to navigate pedestrian area and our Discovery Centre is situated away from the main public areas. The Learning & Discovery team will also arrange a familiarisation visit to put your mind at rest. We'll provide risk assessment forms and answer any questions you have about safety during your visit.

10. Support Materials

We have created downloads for teachers to access from our website. These are designed to use before your visit, during your visit and even after your visit. These will complement your lesson plans and add value to your trip. There are also discovery bags which are available that contain artefacts and activities for you to use with your group. Speak to a member of the team about reserving discovery bags. Download the resources here!

Learning Resources Image.png

11. Location, Location, Location

Knowsley Safari is really simple to find, we are at junction 2 of the M57.

If you’re using a sat nav then the post code L34 4AN will bring you directly to us or you can follow the brown signs from the motorway network.

School IMG.png

12. Group Size and Adult Ratio

School staff members are FREE!

Additional adult, non-staff, helpers are £7 per person during off-peak and £8 per person at peak time.

13. Transport

The majority of groups that visit us use their own transport to get here and around the safari drive. Alternatively, we have now improved the pedestrian access to the safari park which means you can arrive by public transport and book one of our buses for your safari tour. Speak to the team about the options if you are planning to arrive by public transport.

School IMG2.png

14. Itinerary Planning

The Learning & Discovery team manage visits every day and they can create an itinerary for you. The team are available to talk through the options and can also arrange a familiarisation visit before you bring students.

15. A quiet coach ride back!

This phenomena happens regularly with children heading back after a day out at the safari park. We pack in activities and new experiences while we have the young minds with us and it gets them worn out. The quiet coach ride home is no additional extra 😁.


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