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7 Things We Can’t Wait for in 2018

Posted by: David Pennington
Posted on: 03 Jan 2018
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While you look forward to all that 2018 holds, why not make a resolution to visit Knowsley Safari. We’re getting into the spirit of ‘New Year, new you’ with a host of fresh things lined up for 2018.

Come and check out Wolf Country, experience the fun events we have running and take a stroll through the new and improved Foot Safari - you might even spot some little additions to the Knowsley family!

Foot Safari Transformation with added bite!

ROAR! Fun fact for 2018, did you know our two tigers, Bira and Sinda are about to move into a new home here on the Foot Safari? If you have visited us in the past few months you may have already spotted some changes to our Foot Safari and a new road layout both on and off the Safari Drive ready for the exciting changes ahead! Improvements continue in 2018 as we open with the Amur tiger trail which follows on from the recently opened Wolf Country. 2018 is certainly set to be filled with great experiences, fantastic views and exciting adventures!

Lion Pride (or should we say… prides?)

It’s already been a busy few months for our lion team as the lion pride has separated themselves into two families. This has meant we’ve had to keep up with them and make changes. We currently have one drive through lion reserve and for now, you will spot the second pride in a new location on the Safari Drive with two of our bachelor males! They’re in a temporary area for the meantime with plans to have both lion prides as drive through experiences. So far, so good, the move has been a smooth transition and, after a few initial squabbles, they are all sleeping and feeding together and getting on very well - phew! Find out more about this exciting process here.

Wolf Country

Once upon a time there were tales of wolves and their bad behaviour… If you haven’t already, make sure you come and say hello to Maria and Morena, our two Iberian Wolves in their new home Wolf Country. The latest addition to the Foot Safari gives guests the opportunity to learn the skills of a Wolf Ranger, from tracking footprints and scat (poo to you and me), listening out for calls and howls, and even the best way to spot a wolf, one of nature’s most elusive predators. Say goodbye to the ‘big bad wolf’ and say hello to this beautiful animal!


Winter is the mating season for many animals here at Knowsley. So during your 2018 visit, keep your eyes peeled for new additions! Not just out on safari, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and we’ll bring all the latest to your phone. There may even be an exciting announcement or two. Don’t forget - when you next visit, make sure you come and visit our not-so-little baby rhino, Nomulva she’s 3 already, they grow up so fast!

Are your kids the conservationists of the future?

Embrace their natural curiosity, ignite that spark of wonder about the natural world. If your kids are showing an interest in nature, our Kids Clubs are perfect for them. For ages 7 to 18 we have different clubs that offer them experiences and access the grown ups want! Check out the 3 different clubs below and find out how to book here;

  • Intrepid Explorers for ages 7-10 is a 5 day summer holiday club which offers a range of exciting activities for your little ones!
  • Junior Rangers is an amazing weekend experience for kids aged 11-14 who will see what happens behind the scenes and even meet some of their favourite animals!
  • Knowsley Academy for teenagers aged 15-18 is an incredible five-day course which is perfect those who are looking for a career as a vet or a keeper!

Book your 2018 trip now and start your year right! Plus you can still adventure with the whole family for just £15 per car! So what are you waiting for, bring on 2018!!

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